Elemental Chaos

At the foundation of the world, the Elemental Chaos churns like an ever-changing tempest of clashing elements – fire and water, earth and air, whirlwinds and living thunder. Just as the Gods originated from the Astral Sea, the first inhabitants of the Elemental Chaos were the primordials, creatures of raw elemental power. They shaped the world from the raw material of the Elemental Chaos, and if they had their way, the world would be torn back down and returned to raw materials. The Gods have given the world permanence utterly alien to the primordial’s nature.

The Chaos is where the elements frolic and fight without the overarching control of morality or reason. One element might even act like another – earth swirling like water or floating like air, or fire falling like rain. Specific locales within the Chaos might seem normal or pleasant by worldy standards, but otherworldly displays and threats are commonplace. The only constant is change.

The Elemental Chaos approximates a level plane on which travelers can move, but the landscape is broken up by rivers of lighting, seas of fire, floating earthbergs, ice mountans and other formation of raw elemental forces. However, it is possible to make one’s way slowly down into lower layers of the Elemental Chaos. At its bottom, it turns into a swirling maelstrom that grows darker and deadlier as it descends.

At the bottom of that maelstrom is the Abyss, the home of demons. Tharizdun, the Chained God,, planted a shard of pure evil in the heart of the Elemental Chaos before the world was finished, and the Gods imprisoned him for this act of blasphemy. The Abyss is as entropic as the Elemental Chaos where it was planted, but it is actively malevolent, where the rest of the Elemental Chaos is simply untamed.

Getting to the Elemental Chaos usually requires a ritual. Still, places where the Chaos touches the world are numerous, and through these a creature might pass from one realm to the other. The lands of the Chaos can be harsh, desolate, or both, but traveling upon them is otherwise as easy as traversing similar worldly landscape.


Elemental Chaos

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