20,000 years ago, an Earthmote lost its ability to float and crashed down to Drannor. The impact caused a rip in the Elemental Chaos and the land was covered with ice. Cold wind blasted throughout Drannor destroying anything that could not withstand its primal fury. In a matter of minutes, Drannor was ushered into a new Ice Age.

Creatures and beasts that are caught in the elemental blast and survived were changed by the Elemental Chaos and adapted to the new climate. A few pockets of civilization managed to survived unscathed by the Elemental Chaos all over Drannor.

However, due to the extensive destruction of the land and its ecology, much knowledge is lost and civilization is struggling to survive in this new, frigid hostile land. Civilization is effectively blasted back to its beginnings.

Drannor today is much like it was 20,000 years ago. Civilization has not progressed much. There are not many intelligent beings yet. The only semblance of civilization are the few scattered tribe across the frozen tundra, never venturing far, unaware that many other tribes exist even. Too busy with their lives to be curious, too frightened of the unknown to wander. Much of the land is still unexplored. New creatures has emerged and the ecology is barely in balance. Their laws are simple – The strong take everything.

A darkness is stirring. Lurking in the shadows. Plotting. Though it is still weak, its subtle effect is beginning to affect nature’s balance.

Notable Settlements:

Points of Interest

  • Iceforge


Hyrkania Varancar